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Labrador Retriever Free Service Dog Program

No Veteran Left Behind

One of our passions is to help those who help others. Our Lab Service Dog Program turns no veteran away. If you know a veteran or first responder who is interested in a service dog please mention us to them so we can help. 

We commit to donate $6,000 in service dogs and services each year to our Veterans and first responders in need. We also accept donations to the program in any amount which go toward further support in providing properly trained top notch dogs to our Veterans. 100% of the monies donated will be put toward the program. 

 The Labs we select for service dogs have a high drive to please their owner. They are chosen from a limited number of our breeding adults, stimulated, socialized and trained early while they are still with their litter mates. The focus in this program is quality over quantity and only the puppies who respond the best are chosen. 

Begin the Lab Service Dog Adoption Process

If having one of our amazing  Labs will assist you in your daily activities please send us an application and we will help you through the process. 

Help Our Veterans and First Responders

Your support and contributions will help pay for training, food, transportation, vaccinations, and other expenses involved in training a service dog. We appreciate anything you can give. 

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Our First Donated PTSD Service Dog who started it all

Patty's Story

The very first service Lab we donated was Patty to the Citadel Canine Society. Patty began as one of many puppies from a large litter from our female Lab Sienna. We watched the puppies in the litter carefully as we socialized them to find one who would be suitable to serve as a PTSD service dog. By the time week eight came there were a few candidates who having been exposed to a thorough evaluation process would have been excellent choices. We ended up choosing our Chocolate Lab Patty and began her basic puppy obedience training straight away.

Patty graduated to a second trainer around the time she was 10 weeks old. Working dogs are a little different than pets, oh sure you can love them but when they are working in the task they have been trained to do that is all they focus on. Service dogs are trained to recognize, indicate and interrupt early signs of anxiety, panic attacks and nightmares, allowing the veteran to break the cycle and regain emotional control. Service dogs are only one part of the puzzle when dealing with PTSD but they can be a huge help.

Of the skills they are trained in they recognize the signs right before the Veteran experiences a flashback, or the signs of them having a nightmare and wake them and turn on the light to help them to see they are safe and allow them to regain control over their emotions.

After quite a few months Patty was given to her new owner who also continued Patty's training process. Reports from her owner indicate Patty is taking really good care of her

Chocolate Labrador Retriever PTSD Support Dog Patty

Chocolate Labrador Retriever PTSD Support Dog Patty