Labrador Retriever Puppies Windsor ontario

We Have Labrador Retriever Puppies in Windsor Ontario

Windsor Ontario is the home of both Janet and Dan. Janet lived in Windsor, then LaSalle for a while and then moved back to Windsor. Although she didn't have a Labrador Retriever puppy growing up in Windsor she did have dogs she fell in love with as a young girl. Dan was born in Windsor, moved out to Harrow, then to a beach in Amherstburg and finally to Windsor. 

After we got married we lived on a short street around Central Ave. called Malta. This was a great home but it was too small for our children and a dog so out to the country we moved! At the time the small town of Wallaceburg was declining in population because of the factories closing down so we scooped up a big country house on two acres and are here to this day. At that time if you had asked us if we had plans to become a Labrador Retriever Breeder we would have laughed at you!

Windsor is so close that we have some Guardian Families with our Lab Retriever puppies in Windsor. There are also one or two of our purebred Labs who are retired from breeding in Windsor and the surrounding areas like LaSalle or Amherstburg. 

At the time we moved if we had the money to purchase a property in Windsor or Essex County we likely would have stayed because our families were from that area. It ended up working out for the best as we've made an amazing home for our purebred lab puppies just a short drive from Windsor. 

One of our favorite places to walk our Labs in the Windsor area is the Ojibway Park. This park is full of insects, animals, plants, fungi and grasses...the list goes on. You will have to keep your Labrador Retriever puppy on a ten foot leash while you are there but it shouldn't hurt your experience. The Park located at  5200 Matchette Road, Windsor Ontario is open seven days a week, has a nature centre where you can find tons of information and the best part is that it's free. After a good brisk walk with one of our Labrador Retriever puppies you can sit at a picnic table and enjoy the sounds of nature. For more information on the Ojibway Nature Centre and Park follow this link.

If you are looking for off leash parks there are three of them in Windsor. They are:

Ford Test Track Dog Park - 3001 Seminole Drive, north end of the park

Optimist Memorial Dog Park - 1075 Ypres Boulevard

Remington Booster Dog Park - 701 Edinborough Street

There are specific rules to follow for the off leash parks in Windsor so please visit this link and become familiar with the rules so that your Lab puppy in Windsor is safe from harm and disease. 

You can relax knowing that one of our puppies in Windsor will  also enjoy access to multiple 24 hour Veterinarian Services. We understand that for many people taking home a new Labrador Retriever puppy to Windsor that you could be nervous until your puppy gets used to their surroundings. If you have a concern about your puppy's health, consult a professional not someone on social media. As professional Labrador Retriever breeders near Windsor we  suggest the best way to decide if your Lab puppy needs immediate attention is by using this guide:

Bleeding that can't be stopped by pressure-see the Vet immediately

You suspect a broken bone-see the Vet immediately

Lab Puppy stops drinking-see the vet immediately

Puppy has difficulty breathing-see the vet immediately

Puppy is lethargic and not moving-see the vet immediately

For other issues such as your puppy having dry skin, loose stool, or you suspect a bladder or eye infection take your puppy to a regular vet appointment as these issues normally do not require emergency attention. 

Lab Retriever Puppies Here!

 If you are considering joining our Purebred Labrador Retriever Puppies Windsor club, please follow the link below and visit our available puppies page. Instructions of how to apply for one of our puppies is on that page.  If you would like to be considered to be a Guardian open the menu at the top of the page and visit the Guardian Puppy page.