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Lab Retriever Toronto

We have Placed Lab Retriever Puppies in Toronto

With the GTA being one of the most highly populated areas of Canada, it’s no wonder that many of our Lab Retriever Puppies find their way to homes in Toronto. There are mixed thoughts on bringing Lab Retriever puppies to Toronto and we will look at them here.  

Some say that bringing a large breed dog such as a Purebred Lab to Toronto is not fair for the dog. We would like to discredit this myth and explain what is really important for our Lab Retrievers who go to Toronto.  

Points for Big city Dogs like our Lab Retriever Puppies in Toronto 

  • Room to exercise is first on the list. If you think you can bring your Lab Retriever puppy home to a small apartment and expect them to lay around all day without exercise, it’s not going to work! Labs are working dogs and that means brisk walks at a minimum once a day.  You may find that your lab is getting into trouble chewing things, etc.... This likely means he/she is not getting enough exercise so a second walk is in order. And....if this doesn’t work you need to increase the intensity of their exercise. Find a dog park and get out for some hard running playing fetch. If your Purebred Lab Retriever is exercised properly, they won’t have the energy to get into trouble.  
  • Mental stimulation is next. A Lab Retriever in Toronto will require the same mental stimulation as a dog in the country. This means, opposed to lying in an apartment all day, they need to use their nose and their minds. This can also be achieved by letting them track with their noses at a park or you can provide rainy day stimulation by giving your Lab’s food to them using a food puzzle.  
  • Many of our Lab Retriever Puppies in Toronto have their very own dog walker. These are people hired to come to your residence, pick up your Lab and take them for a midday walk. Dog walkers in Toronto can be very effective breaking up your Lab’s alone time while you are at work. Just schedule your walker to come for an hour half way through your day and your Toronto Lab Retriever will get a bathroom break and some much needed exercise. The average rate for a group walk is between $15 and $18 dollars per visit.  
  • Other points to be aware of are the pavement being too hot for their feet in the summer, road salt drying out the pads on their paws in the winter.  

If you carefully plan to bring your Lab Retriever puppy to Toronto and manage these points then you will have a happy puppy! Follow this link for a list of the off-leash parks in Toronto. If you see another Lab Retriever in Toronto be sure to say hi, it could be one of ours! 

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 If you are considering joining our Purebred Lab Retriever Toronto club, please follow the link below and visit our available puppies page. Instructions of how to apply for one of our puppies is on that page.   

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