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We have placed many Lab Retrievers in London!

Lab Retriever Puppies London

Because London is such a short drive we have helped many families bring their purebred lab puppies to London. Depending on where you are in London it may take you between one hour to an hour and a half to drive to our home. Those deep in the heart of London may experience longer travel times because of the traffic and time spent waiting at lights. But, if you are on the edge of the city and near highway 401 or 402, you can expect the total roundtrip time to be about three hours.  

Our Lab Retriever puppies in London love to run at some of the off-leash parks. Please remember that your puppy needs to have all of its vaccinations completed before you let him/her socialize with other animals whose vaccination record is unknown. Once the sixteen week vaccination is complete then you are good to go at some of the London off-leash parks listed here: 

  • Campbell Memorial Park Dog off-leash Area, 380 Dundas St. E, London 
  • Cesars off-leash Area, 941 Commissioner’s Road E, London 
  • Greenway off-leash Area, accesses via Greenside Ave off of Springbank Drive.  
  • Pottersberg-Fido Off-Leash Area, within Pottersburg Park and accessed from Hamilton Road at Gore Road 
  • Stoney Creek off-leash Area, located within Stoney Creek Meadows on Adelaide St. N. at Windermere Road.  

We like to remind you that when taking your Lab Retriever to London off-leash parks that you observe the rules for your Lab’s safety, your safety and your child’s safety.  

Lab Retrievers London Off-Leash Park Rules 

  • The off-leashed areas are Open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
  • All Dogs MUST have up to date vaccinations, rabies shots and license tags required 
  • Use the off-leash area at your own risk 
  • Leash your dog while entering and exiting 
  • Keep your dog within sight and under verbal control 
  • Clean up after your dog 
  • Do not allow your dog to chase wildlife 
  • No puppies under 4 months, female dogs in heat, sick dogs or aggressive dogs 
  • Dogs required by law to be leashed and muzzled must remain so while in the off-leash area 
  • No glass containers, food or toys 
  • Children MUST be supervised by an adult AT ALL TIMES 
  • Parents are advised this site is NOT suitable for young children 
  • Off-leash area users are subject to the Dog Owners’ Liability Act 

If you see another Chocolate Lab Retriever be sure to say hi! It could be one of ours. 

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We also have some families from London who assist us with our breeding program. We call these families Guardians because they are trusted to provide top level care for one of our female labs while she is of breeding age. We feel that a home where a dog is one on one (or two) will provide the highest level of care and attention for one of our girls while she is breeding age but not having puppies. These Labs live with their Guardian families as if they were their dog and ownership is turned over once breeding is finished. This is a big help for us in producing top level Service Dogs for the Veterans, Police Officers, Medics, and Nurses we support. Without our guardian families much of the work we do donating Service dogs would not be possible. If you want to become a Lab Retriever London member of our Guardian team, please visit our Guardian page.   

Lab Retriever Puppies Here!

If you are considering joining our Purebred Lab Retriever London club, please follow the link below and visit our available puppies page. Instructions of how to apply for one of our puppies is on that page.  

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