Best Start Lab Puppy Training

Chocolate Lab Puppy Ontario Jetta in training, playing in her crate in the kitchen.

Lab Puppy Training


For those of you who would like your lab puppy training to be already started, we offer a 14 day program. Our Best Start program is designed for us to keep your lab puppy until week 10 while it undergoes formal training 2-4 times a day and a detailed socialization protocol. Puppy training intensity is based on how your lab responds. In addition, informal socializing with our family is explored. We will start your lab's training for the following: respond to their name, sit, stay, off, potty training, walk on a loose leash, down, come, stay, and fetch. 

One of the most important things during the weeks 8-16 of your lab puppy's life is being taught to follow rather than lead. As your Labrador Retriever breeder we will begin the training process and spend time with you when you pick up your new puppy teaching you how to carry on the training and answering any questions you may have. Your lab puppy will socialize daily with other dogs and the members of our family and will be exposed to various noises, terrain, body language and other stimulus they are able to handle comfortably.

Cost for the Lab Puppy Best Start Training Program is $45 per day or $630 for the 14 day duration. 


Due to the huge amount of time taken with each puppy we can only accept 2 puppies at any one time. 

What's Covered?

  • 24 hour care, Food
  • Access to (a $299 value)
  • Lots of Love, affection and guidance (yes hard to let them go)
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Introduced to the feedback words "no" and "wait"
  • Socialization according to a detailed list such as Men with a mustache, helmets, deep voices, high voices, glasses, Women with hats, glasses, purses, laughing, crying, yelling, talking, and so on....
  • Exposure to different K9 and human stimulus
  • Learning to accept a collar and guidance on a leash. Many people don't understand that learning to walk on leash is a skill that must be taught
  • Exposure to numerous other stimulus such as hair dryer, radio, doors closing, microwave, cars, vacuum, etc...
  • Gradual exposure to crate training with time increasing as tolerated. Your puppy should be able to make it overnight in their crate with the whining for their litter mates over.
  • Many other things that happen in a normal household. 

What 's Not Covered?

  • 10 week shots which will be due when you pick your puppy up.

Lab Puppy Training Video

Check out this breeder video of  Chocolate Lab Puppy Deacon working on greater distance and greater duration of "STAY"