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In the interest of providing the best care for our females and in support of our free service dog program for Veterans we have developed a guardian program for some of our females. The puppies are picked up at 8 weeks old and go to their forever family to be trained and live with them for life. When they are of proper breeding age and come into heat they are returned to us in order to breed for a few days, are returned to their family's home, and then returned to us again to have and raise their puppies. Once puppies are weaned the female is then returned to their Guardian family. 


We feel this will allow for the best care of the girls as they will be one on one with their forever families right from the get go instead of being replaced once they are retired from breeding. A Free puppy adopted through our breeder program is just that, a free lab. In addition, there is compensation for travel to us to return her along with us paying for spaying after she has had her litters.


You must live within an hour and a half  or so or be willing to make the drive to participate in this program. If you are interested in this program please specify so when applying as outlined on our contact us page and we will interview you for more information. Space in this program is very limited. 

Ownership is retained by Lucky Labs until the dog is finished breeding even though she will live with her guardian family. Around the age of four the mother is retired from breeding and we will pay to have the ownership transferred along with paying for the dog to be spayed. 

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